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Going through a divorce is difficult, even under the best of circumstances. It will likely be one of the most emotionally devastating times in your life. Divorce is especially frightening because most people do not know how it works and the feeling that they lack control over the outcome. We have had over thirty years of experience helping people through the process and are very familiar with the toll it takes on clients. Our family law attorneys believe that the best way to reduce the trauma of divorce is to help clients understand what is really going on; that’s why we go to great lengths to help them understand the process, how the court makes decisions, and how long things take. We also strive to help our clients make good decisions for themselves in light of their circumstances. Find out for yourself. Set a consultation with our office and see first hand what we do to help our clients through a divorce.



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I am so thankful for Paul and his firm.

5.0 stars
Posted by Bryan
June 13, 2018

I am so thankful for Paul and his firm. Paul’s expertise has helped me navigate a very complicated divorce case and I would be lost without him. When my children needed additional protections, Paul was always willing to discuss ideas advocate on their behalf. Paul and his firm have always been there for my children and I when we needed them most and I would highly recommend them to anyone.



Partner • Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

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Antoinette Lerandeau

5.0 Stars
Posted by Greg

October 6, 2010

To those of you needing a tough and empathetic attorney for a family law case, look no further than Antoinette Lerandeau. She has the family court know-how and understanding of the law to bring comfort to an otherwise awful experience. She helped me to not only get everything I was asking for in regard to custody and support, but she also empowered me with confidence that the struggle would be worth the end result.



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Highly Recommended, Knowledgeable and Professional

5.0 stars
Posted by Noe
June 7, 2019

I would like to thank Jennifer for her help with my divorce and long custody battle. Jennifer and her staff handled my case with the utmost professionalism. Jennifer is knowledgeable and is not afraid to go the extra mile for her clients. I highly recommend Jennifer and her firm.



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Excellent Attorney!

5.0 stars
Posted by former client
January 15, 2019

Lacey was an excellent divorce attorney! She communicated very well and kept everything on track. I would highly recommend Lacey and Lerandeau and Lerandeau as a divorce attorney.

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