“The following Internet Divorce Resources can provide you with valuable information about the process of divorce and the family court system. We have compiled this list using the most useful web sites we know about and frequently update the same as we discover more. These sites can provide you with information in much greater detail then the summaries contained on our website. These sites focus primarily on California law with special attention to the Counties of Fresno, Madera, Kings, and Tulare. They contain thorough explanations of the law, the text of legal cases, family law statutes, state rules of court, local court rules, maps to the courthouses, and just about anything else you might need to know about the law. If you have any questions, need explanations, or want to discuss your case in detail, please feel free to call our office and schedule a consultation. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to make intelligent decisions about your case. If you have found something particularly helpful yourself, please send me a link to the same at lsanchez@fresnofamilylaw.com and I will include it in our list. We want to make sure that our list contains the most up to date web sites about divorce and family law.” Lacey Sanchez, Esq. Fresno Family Lawyers.