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While no divorce is a walk in the park, family law matters often hit harder than other disputes. Being sued by your former lover can be soul-crushing, particularly when someone else will be making the decision about when you will see your children. Everyone at Lerandeau & Lerandeau is committed to helping our Hanford clients successfully resolve their divorces. We offer advice and representation in cases involving divorce, legal separation, property disputes, control of farming operations, child and spousal support, child custody, paternity, domestic violence, and more.
divorce lawyer Hanford - Divorce Lawyer Hanford

Divorce Lawyers in Hanford

A divorce, or legal separation, is one of the most traumatic experiences you will ever encounter in life. And even in the most amicable case, the decisions you make during your divorce will be some of the most important you will ever make. Everything you own, how much you will either pay or receive in support, and when you see your children will all be decided.

This is when our very experienced family lawyers can really help you. We have been successfully handling cases in Hanford for over thirty years and are extremely familiar with what it takes to find a resolution that best serves your needs. Our expert divorce lawyers are very savvy negotiators and are more than capable of achieving your most important objectives.

As you can imagine, divorce becomes much more difficult when there are children involved. It is no longer be a question of money. Rather, it is what is best for your children and only you really know what that is. This is why you need an attorney who is very familiar with the Court and the nuances of child custody law. Let one of our experts help you navigate this very personal and complex area of the law.

Even though California is a no-fault state, it is still crucial to have an experienced and trustworthy family law attorney handling your case. Lerandeau & Lerandeau is a full-service Divorce & Family Law Firm with over three decades of experience in family law. If you are going through a divorce, talk to one of our family law experts to learn what your rights are and get a realistic assessment of your case.

During your consultation, one of our family law attorneys will walk you through each step of the divorce process and help you to understand how long things take, what they cost, how the family court operates, how the law works, the strength of your case, and what you’re really up against. We want to help you find a solution that works for you. All it takes is one phone call to Lerandeau & Lerandeau to start the process.

Lerandeau & Lerandeau Divorce & Family Law is Your Best Choice

All of the attorneys at Lerandeau & Lerandeau have suffered the pain of divorce in one way or another. That’s why helping each of our clients through their own divorce is so personal to us. And when you combine that real-life experience with over thirty (30) years of practicing family law, you get a firm that is the right choice for anyone looking to successfully resolve a difficult or complex divorce. Don’t choose an attorney who doesn’t truly understand what you are going through or what you need to survive your divorce. Let one of our very experienced attorneys help you through this difficult and trying time. I promise you will not regret it.


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The Kings County Family Court requires hearings to be conducted in-person. However, masks are required in the Courthouse and social distancing is required. The self-help desk is closed until further notice in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus.






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