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We are the largest family law & divorce firm in the Valley. Our goal is to provide clients with excellent customer service and the highest quality legal representation at every stage of their legal proceedings. Our experienced divorce attorneys help clients navigate the difficult process of divorce with as little drama and uncertainty as possible. Bring us your MOST DIFFICULT family law problems. Together, we can find solutions that are right for you and your family.

We are truly a local firm with our office located here in Fresno. We are highly respected by the Judges of the Fresno County Superior Court for the quality of our legal services, as well as the other attorneys in our community. See for yourself. Schedule a consultation with one of our family law attorneys and get an honest assessment of your case. During your consultation, we will explain your rights, help you to understand how long the process takes, how much our legal services cost, how the family court operates, and anything else you want to know. We want you to have all of your questions answered so you can make informed decisions about your case. We offer phone consultations, video conferencing, and various other methods of electronic communication such as e-mail and facsimile. We can make appearances in Court on your behalf without the need of you having to travel to Fresno. We can also arrange for child custody mediation by telephone as long as you live at least 250 miles away and we can arrange mediation the day of Court should you choose to attend in order to minimize the amount of travel time needed for your Court appearance.

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Family Law Attorneys in Fresno

Since its inception nearly three decades ago, our firm was founded on the unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality legal representation in family law and divorce litigation. Our Fresno family lawyers are recognized experts in the field of family law and divorce and have received numerous awards for the quality of their work. Don’t take our word for it, read what past clients have to say about us.

We specialize in complex divorce cases involving businesses, professional practices, and farming operations. We are experts in matters involving child custody, child support, spousal support, same-sex marriage, child visitation, grandparent visitation, nullity, annulment, and paternity. If you are unwilling to settle for a “one size fits all” type of service and instead place a very high value on the things you hope to achieve in your divorce, then I strongly urge you to consider our firm. We are devoted to providing you with attentive personal service tailored to your individual needs. Our family law attorneys are hard-working, intelligent people, who take their professional responsibilities very seriously. All of the glowing reviews we have received over the years from satisfied clients serve as a testament to this commitment.


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Divorce Law in Fresno

The Fresno divorce lawyers of Lerandeau & Lerandeau have a tough, no-nonsense, “make it happen” approach to the practice of California divorce law. While we appreciate the frailties of the family and understand the terrible effect litigation has on children, we know when to stand firm and not back down. We zealously represent our clients’ interests and strive to achieve the best resolution possible under the circumstances of their case. If they have a problem, we will help them resolve it.


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We look forward to helping you with your family law issues. We offer truly exceptional service from an outstanding team of divorce attorneys. We are the largest and most respected Family Law Firm in the Central Valley.

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