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While it is very easy to find a family law attorney in the Central Valley, it is extremely difficult to find one whose practice of law is consistent with your individual needs and the values you place on them. Most attorneys treat every family law case the same and simply go through the motions to resolve them. However, if you are unwilling to settle for this “one size fits all” type of service and instead place a very high value on the things you hope to achieve in your divorce and what you believe is at stake, then I strongly urge you to consider our firm. We are devoted to providing you with highest quality legal representation and attentive personal service. Our family law attorneys are hard-working, intelligent people, who take their professional responsibilities very seriously and will vigorously represent you no matter what the circumstances of your case may be. All of the glowing Reviews we have received over the years from satisfied clients serve as a testament to this commitment. Since we never compromise on the quality of our work, we will devote whatever time necessary to provide you with this standard of excellence. Please note, however, that since we do charge by the hour, it is very likely that your total fees will generally be more than the other attorneys who will provide you with the standardized type of service. While we believe our fees are very reasonable in light of what we can deliver, only you can determine the quality of legal services that are right for you and the amount you are willing to pay for them.


Partner • Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Paul Lerandeau Family Law Attorney


Partner • Divorce and Family Law Attorney



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Associate • Divorce and Family Law Attorney