Adoption attorneys assist couples with the process of establishing a legal parent/child relationship between them selves and a non-biological child. Once an adoption is final, the adoptive parent has all of the legal rights and responsibilities of a parent. That new parent‑child relationship is permanent and is exactly the same as that of a birth parent. There are four types of adoptions:

  1. Stepparent/Domestic Partner Adoption
    A stepparent adoption is when a birth parent allows his or her child to be adopted by a new spouse or domestic partner. It is the most common type of adoption.
  2. Independent Adoption
    An Independent adoption is when the adopting parents and the birth parents reach a private agreement for adoption.
  3. Agency Adoption
    An Agency adoption is when the adoption is arranged by the California Department of Social Services or a licensed adoption agency.
  4. International Adoption
    An International adoption is when the child to be adopted was born in another country.