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For one of the most difficult steps you will ever have to take.

You did not make the decision to divorce lightly. It wasn't something you ever imagined doing. But now that the decision has been made, what should you expect?

Profound Impacts

Divorce ends your legal status as “married” and all the benefits that flow from the married state. Your divorce will have a deep emotional and profound financial impact on you and everyone involved. It requires the division of everything you and your spouse have worked for. It affects your ability to see or not to see your children. And then there is the possibility of a support judgment: Whether it is to be paid out or to be received? And for how much and for how long?

If possible, it’s important to get it right the first time.

Family Court Decisions

Many decisions of the Family Court are permanent and are virtually unchangeable; for example, the division of property. Some decisions may be changed, but making the attempt is often unwise due to the significant costs involved with no guarantee of success. An example of this would be changing the level of support. Some decisions are intended to be subject to change; for example, child custody and visitation. Yet, even these attempted changes should be avoided. The often-fragile relationship between parents can be strained, even destroyed, because of hurtful allegations exchanged. In the worst cases, children are drawn into the parents’ struggle, which can leave them with long-lasting emotional scars.

The well-being of children should be front and center in a divorce situation.

Get The Best Attorney

With so much on-the-line, it makes sense to engage the best divorce attorney available. Lerandeau & Lerandeau can make your journey easier with the help and wise guidance of a divorce attorney who is understanding and eminently knowledgeable. Besides your personal divorce attorney, you’ll also get support from an experienced team of legal professionals.

Largest Family Law Firm In Fresno

For more than 20 years, Lerandeau & Lerandeau has been helping intelligent men and women through difficult marital transitions — with the least pain possible. That’s why we have grown to be the largest family law firm in Fresno. Our clients truly appreciate our efforts to ease the process of divorce, while securing the best results possible.

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Paul E. Lerandeau, Esq., Divorce Attorney

Paul E. Lerandeau, Esq.

As a divorce attorney, Paul Lerandeau specializes in representing business owners, medical professionals, and farmers during family law proceedings. He helps them maintain control of their business operations during a divorce. He makes sure that all support orders are based upon appropriate income figures, to ensure the best results.

Paul is particularly knowledgeable in accounting and taxation. He is a member of the Forensic and Valuation Services Section of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the California Society of Certified Public Accountants. So he works well with …

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Antoinette M. Lerandeau, Esq., Divorce Attorney

Antoinette M.
Lerandeau, Esq.

As a family court attorney, Antoinette’s overarching philosophy is to make children the focus of the divorce, not put them in the middle.

When emotions run riot, it’s understandable that many parents forget — or don’t fully comprehend — how traumatic divorce proceedings can be on children. Antoinette understands and appreciates how devastating parental conflicts can be. She is committed to doing everything in her power to minimize the effects of divorce on children.

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